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wee bit tipsy June 29, 2007

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When M and I picked my dad up from work tonight, he offered to take us to Ruby Tuesday to have a drink.  We, of course, comply.  I had a delicious strawberry lemonade drink with some rum in it, and, out of curiousity, and my first scotch.  This got me happily buzzed and barely coherent, so when I got home I decided that vanilla coke with a few splashes of bacardi 151 would be superb…

I’m surprised I can function, let alone type. If you knew how many times I’ve pushed the backspace button so far, you’d probably just send me to bed.  Don’t worry hunny bunny, it’s my next stop.

When I get drunk I get giggly then emotional.  I realize how much I love everyone and then become weepy.  M and I watched The Office in the midst of my bacardi fest, and I cried at how much I love it, and then cried at how much I love him and then cried because I thought of my wonderful friends, and my wonderful life, and how wonderful it all seems with lovely bacardi. 

I miss my Anna…she needs to come back yesterday.

I loooooove my bestest Jessie…she needs to come over IMMEDIATELY because only she can appreciate my sense of humor because she has the same one, and only she will get as drunk and laugh as hard as me.  Jess…seriously…we need a girly night NOW.

I love M….soooooo much…he’s too yummy for words, and I just cannot get enough.

I want to go swimming…and have a permanent tan…and sunbathe off the coast of Greece and Tuscany…and while I’m dreaming I’d love a pony and no hangover tomorrow.

Ah, tomorrow…it is only Thursday isn’t it?  On that note I am off to giggle myself to sleep.

Have I mentioned I ❤ bacardi?


Too sweet not to share June 28, 2007

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Even though it’s a secret, it’s just too cute not to share:

Email from M:

Hello my lovely girly girl,

I have a confession to make…..Don’t get mad…I don’t want to fight….But there is something that I have been hiding from you……………….My secret is that….I Love You

Don’t tell anyone…This message will self destruct in 2 seconds….

Getting to know…me June 28, 2007

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A – Available or Single?  Neither.  I am oh so happily taken.
B – Best Friend?  I’m lucky because more than one person can easily assume this title.  Absolute best is, of course, M.
C – Cake or Pie?
  I eat frosting from the container.  Whatchu think?
D – Drink of Choice?
 Caramel Macchiato (with whipped cream and extra caramel), sprite, vanilla coke and anything sweet and alcoholic.
E – Essential Item(s)?
  DVD’s & player, computer with internet, cell phone and sugar. 
F – Favorite Color?
  Red and pink
G – Gummi Bears or Worms?
  Either please.
H – Hometown?
Tucson, AZ  

I –  Indulgence?  Spending money in any way, shape or form, daily starbucks trips, used books and Mauricio.
J – January or February?
 February.  Both Valentine’s Day and my anniversary with M.
K – Kids?
  Four if I have my way, two if M has his.
L – Life is incomplete without…
love and adventure.
M – Marriage Date
  A Saturday in May of my 26th year, preferably.
N – Number of Siblings
 Two, a brother and a sister who both drive me insane. 
O – Oranges or Apples?

P – Phobias/Fears Loved ones dying before I tell them how much I adore them one last time.  

Q – Favorite Quote
 How hard is it to just decide to be in a good mood and then be in a good mood.
R – Reasons to Smile?
  M (when he decides to be sweet), inside jokes with my favorite friends, finding amazingly cute clothes for under $20, netflix, daydreams about traveling, and knowing that Jim and Pam are FINALLY together
S – Season? Spring and summer
T – Tag Three whoever reads this (probably less than three people, sadly enough) 

U – Unknown Fact About Me I thought only I could see fireflies when I was young and truly innocent

V – Vegetarian or Oppressor of Animals?  Oppressor all the way

W – Worst habits? Spending money and explaining myselfX – X-rays or Ultrasounds?  Right now I would prefer an x-ray
Y – Your Favorite Foods
Anything soaked in sugar

Z – Zodiac Taurus (I swear I’m not stubborn!)

(Another) Fresh Start June 28, 2007

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I’m at home waiting for Mr. Handyman to finish his stuff.  The house is turning out to be such a pain in the butt.  I’ve missed three days of work (though only technically, because my boss is an angel who allows me to fill spreadsheets from home…bless him and the internet.)  So, thus far today I have dropped off M, grabbed some Starbucks, picked up my dad, let Mr. Handyman in, made a seemingly endless trip to Home Depot, finally got to the aforementioned spreadsheets, gotten bored, pulled out my Season 2 Gilmore Girls DVD’s, and created this new blog. 

I feel accomplished.

The other day I picked out my schedule for school, and now I need to set up the payment plan, come up with the first payment, buy books, and then I’m set.  Three of my four classes are online, which I’m excited/nervous about.  They’re ALL english classes though, which I am nothing but siked about.  Journalism 201, Critical Writing and Research, Advanced Grammar and Style, and some bullshit library class that only lasts three weeks.  I’ve never been so excited about school.

I pretty much got the job at Borders.  I start training next week, and then I’m a bookseller.  There’s no dress code, health and dental, a 33% discount, and they let you “check out” two books a week.  I’m working Tuesday/Thursday from 5-12, and Sunday.  The pay is not wonderful, but it will provide the much anticipated extra $400 a month, which is all I really care about.

Money…wasn’t an issue for a while, but now it’s becoming one.  Mostly because of La Familia del Infierno.  They keep going back and forth about who is moving in, what everyone is paying, and now I’m pretty such that we’ve settled on me paying $700 a month (much to my dismay and annoyance.)  I can’t understand how my darling boy thought this would save anyone money (except for his mom, which I don’t really want to get into), but what’s done is done and I have no choice but to begrudginly accept things.  Which I hate.  Bleh…c’est la vie.

Off to work and ponder when Mr. Handyman is coming back from lunch.