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wee bit tipsy June 29, 2007

Posted by Sparkel in it is looove, M, meee.

When M and I picked my dad up from work tonight, he offered to take us to Ruby Tuesday to have a drink.  We, of course, comply.  I had a delicious strawberry lemonade drink with some rum in it, and, out of curiousity, and my first scotch.  This got me happily buzzed and barely coherent, so when I got home I decided that vanilla coke with a few splashes of bacardi 151 would be superb…

I’m surprised I can function, let alone type. If you knew how many times I’ve pushed the backspace button so far, you’d probably just send me to bed.  Don’t worry hunny bunny, it’s my next stop.

When I get drunk I get giggly then emotional.  I realize how much I love everyone and then become weepy.  M and I watched The Office in the midst of my bacardi fest, and I cried at how much I love it, and then cried at how much I love him and then cried because I thought of my wonderful friends, and my wonderful life, and how wonderful it all seems with lovely bacardi. 

I miss my Anna…she needs to come back yesterday.

I loooooove my bestest Jessie…she needs to come over IMMEDIATELY because only she can appreciate my sense of humor because she has the same one, and only she will get as drunk and laugh as hard as me.  Jess…seriously…we need a girly night NOW.

I love M….soooooo much…he’s too yummy for words, and I just cannot get enough.

I want to go swimming…and have a permanent tan…and sunbathe off the coast of Greece and Tuscany…and while I’m dreaming I’d love a pony and no hangover tomorrow.

Ah, tomorrow…it is only Thursday isn’t it?  On that note I am off to giggle myself to sleep.

Have I mentioned I ❤ bacardi?



1. nicoleantoinette - December 22, 2007

This was equal parts hilarious and adorable. I am so a fan of drunk blogging. Almost as much as I’m a fan of Bacardi!

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