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Sunday, Sunday July 30, 2007

Posted by Sparkel in Uncategorized.

Today was not very exciting.  The toilet in M’s mom’s bathroom was leaking, so we picked up my dad and spent almost the entire day trying to fix, then eventually giving up and replacing it.  Now M is downstairs watching the news and I’m in our room sipping my macchiato while watching my Sex and the City DVD’s.  I’m about to clean up a little so I don’t need to this week. 

This is the most boring entry.  Could my life be any more exciting?

I’m also getting ready for Canada.  I contemplated getting an Ipod, then decided to just get a discman both to save money, and because the only place I’ll ever use an Ipod is the gym, and I either use my phone, which has songs saved on it, or plug headphones into the treadmill to watch TV.  I also got one of those disc holders that holds over 200 cd’s, put my favorite DVD’s into a smaller disc holder, and am looking into a nice, inexpensive bag for this and future travels.  I also need to get batteries, snacks, and to find a nice dress for the funeral.  That I’ve been putting off because just the thought depresses the crap outta me. 

That’s all for now…got to get cleaning.



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