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Weekend recap August 27, 2007

Posted by Sparkel in I kinda love my life.

This weekend was good.  Anna and I got our makeup done at Clinique on Friday, and they talked me into buying some face cleanser, toner and moisturizer, which I now officially love.  We were planning to go out for dinner and then to bars in DC, but M and I were tired, and Anna’s brother was sick so we decided to do it another night.  Saturday I met Anna and Kate and we got manicures and pedicures, then Kate and I went to Starbucks and sat outside and talked for a few hours.  I’ve never really spent one-on-one time with Kate, so it was really nice to bond for a while.  After that I went home and hung out with M for the rest of the night.  Yesterday we spent the majority of the day at my parents so M could sand drawers and doors for the bathroom cabinet.  I was looking around in this room where my siblings and I just kinda threw everything we didn’t want to move, and found two water guns.  I filled one up, but couldn’t get it to work, so I brought it to M, who figured it out and proceeded to squirt the crap out of me.  I ran inside to get the other one, and we chased each other around the yard like 10 year olds.  Then he told me to stop, and went over to drink from the really big glass of ice water that I was sweet enough to get for him, and he threw it at me (not the glass, just the water.)  I got soaked.  It was awesome. 

More later, I gotta get to work.



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