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Whipped cream brings too much drama to my life September 26, 2007

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I got into an argument with the cashier at Starbucks this morning.  I was half-awake and kinda cranky when I ordered my usual drink from a guy I’ve never seen at the Starbucks I frequent most mornings.  In fact, I go there so many mornings that three baristas know my drink by heart and call it out as soon as I walk through the door.  (Starbucks is my Cheers <3)  I tell him “iced caramel macchiato with whipped cream and extra caramel” and he repeats it to the barista, minus the whipped cream.  I can’t even tell you how many times they forget the whipped cream.  6 drinks out of 10 I need to gently remind them when they put it on the table (and nothing annoys me more than when they get annoyed.  Hello!  I just paid $4.20 for a DRINK!  And it’s your job!)  So I say “and whipped cream” and he looks at me with a condescending smirk and says “it comes with whipped cream.”  My first thought (and this may be a sign I need anger management) was ‘you lying little bastard’.  I told him that no, as a matter of fact, it doesn’t.

Cashier: yes it does
K: no it doesn’t
C: yes it does
K: no it doesn’t.  I’ve gotten this drink almost every day for the past six years.  There are times when I ask for whipped cream and don’t even get it. 
C: whipped cream comes on all drinks unless they’re non-fat.
K: I’m telling you, this drink does not come with whipped cream.  I’ve been told by other cashiers that it’s weird that I order whipped cream as they’ve never heard anyone want it on iced macchiatos before.  It comes on frappucinos, but not macchiatos.
C: *to barista* do iced caramel macchiatos come with whipped cream?
Barista: No, why?  Does she want whipped cream?
C: Next customer in line please.

I felt victorious.  Something so stupid and petty, but sweet Jesus he was adamant and smug. 



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