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What makes me… September 28, 2007

Posted by Sparkel in books & movies & shows, I kinda love my life, meee.

Jim and Pam are together!! Woo woo!
“sick” days
having enough money in the bank for bills and then some
steaming hot showers
jeans that fit perfectly
caramel macchiatos
candle-lit rooms
e-mails from my loves
having Saturday and Sunday off
the smell of books (especially old ones…I’m weird)
puppies and bunnies and babies
M walking into a room
sweet alcoholic drinks
girl nights

falling asleep in a room so hot you wake up sweating
damp towels
summer ending
the feeling of stepping on crumbs when barefoot
“can you work late tonight?”
alarm clocks going off
selfish people
great shows being cancelled (no more Arrested Development, Gilmore Girls, Everwood… heck, I’m still not over no more Dawson’s Creek!)
knowing someone is mad at me

the pile of books I need to read this weekend

However, the happiness that Jim and Pam are together is (dorkily) outweighing everything else right now.  You know you wanna squee!



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