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And the hits just keep on coming… October 1, 2007

Posted by Sparkel in I know life isn't supposed to be fair but jeez....

This morning I woke up to M asking where my car went.  I told him I parked it in one of the rows of spaces near our house and he said it wasn’t there.  Panicked, I called my parents to see if for some reason someone there came over to get the car (which would be impossible considering only M and I have keys to it) and my mom said they didn’t.  She told me to call the police right away, which I did.  The operator asked for the tag number, which of course I haven’t memorized, so all I could do was give her my address and the make model and year.  She asked if it was parked in front of a house near here, and I said “possibly” and she gave me the number of a towing company.  I called them and it turns out that my tags expired so someone who was looking for cars whose tags expired came while I was sleeping and towed the car away.  Didn’t leave a note, just let me nearly have a heart attack because I thought my car was stolen.  My sister drove me to pick up the car, and I had to pay $130 to get it out.  I gave the lady a BIG piece of my mind about how I called 911 for the first time in my life because I thought the car was stolen, and even if the tags had expired, that’s a really shitty thing to do to someone.  She was, of course, completely unapologetic and now I need to park the car at my parents house until I go to the MVA tomorrow to see if I can get a sticker from there.  I don’t even need to take off work because I’m not allowed to work more than three days.  So that’s good I guess (except, you know…not.)

This weekend SUCKED.  You know how bad things supposedly come in threes…wonder what’s next?



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