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Random dreams October 2, 2007

Posted by Sparkel in random.

I have very vivid and random dreams.

Last night I dreamt that the world was being taken over by what seemed like zombies, but were actually rabid people.  The entire world went mad, save M, me and other random people.  Us “normal” folk were on a huge bus riding through what used to be our city, but was now total devastation (random fires, people fighting, what looked like a huge desert for some reason.)  M was preoccupied with saving the life of an attractive woman and I said “you would rather save her than me!  Maybe I’ll find someone who will save me!”  And he said “go for it” and opened the door to the bus.  Heartbroken, I stepped outside into a group of the rabid people who had those metal rakes that curve at the end.  They started beating me with the rakes until I died and M didn’t follow.  The last thing I saw was the bus speeding away.

I opened my eyes and glared at M.  He sensed I was looking at him and opened his eyes and smiled.  

K: How can you smile?
M: *confused frown*
K: You just let me die.
M: …what?
K: You didn’t even stop me.  You just opened the door.
M: What door?
K: The door to the bus!  You let the rabid homeless people kill me with rakes!
M: Rabid….what??
K: HOMELESS PEOPLE!  You sacrificed me for HER!
M: Who?
K: Oh you know who.
M: It was just a dream.  I think.  Right?  What are you talking about?
K: I’m slowly realizing it was just a dream, but the least you could do is apologize.
M: I’m sorry you seem to hate me even in your subconcious.
K: *rolling over* I’m not the one who let you get beat to death with a rake. 

When I was four I had a dream that Large Marge (from Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure) got into a tomato fight with Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse.  I have absolutely no idea why, but to this day (18 years later) I remember every detail and it still creeps me out. 

I’ve had at least one dream per week since I was a kid that I’m traveling through space… either by space ship or flying.  I have truly always assumed I will make it to the moon someday.

In the scariest dream I’ve ever had, I was deep-sea diving with my family.  We were down so deep it was completely dark.  We had headsets so we could talk to each other, and I tried to call out to them one by one until no one answered.  I heard a noise near me, and slowly turned and aimed my flashlight right into the mouth of a humongous shark. 

I did the cliched sit up and gasp in horror, was shaking for a good 20 minutes and felt nauseous all day.

During my sophomore and junior year in high school I had frequent dreams that the girlfriend of the guy I had a crush on killed him in various ways, and I attended his funeral(s) and found out he loved me.  It was weird.

I’ve had a handful of dreams where M is having sex with a gorgeous girl right in front of me.  I stay furious at him the entire following day.

I realize my dream last night and both prior and subsequent dreams may make it seem as though I have major jealousy and insecurity issues when it comes to M.  Not true.  I simply realize he is a catch and that if I could love him and want him like I do, other women could as well.  (Keep in mind, I never claimed I’m not possessive of him.  He is, after all, MINE!)

I frequently wake up crying or laughing because of dreams. 

I once dreamt that M and I broke up and I was dating someone new.  We had sex and I was completely devastated because I knew I didn’t want anyone but M.  (M is the only guys I’ve ever slept with.)  I woke up because I burst into tears.  It led to the first serious talk M and I have had about getting married.

I have weirder dreams when M and I switch sides of the bed.

Once my dreams had commercials.  Another time they had credits (with my name under “directed by”, “written by” and “starring.”)  It made me wonder if I watch too much TV.  (I laughed when I remembered there is no such thing.)



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