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Letters October 15, 2007

Posted by Sparkel in meee.

Dear Annoying Kids at the Library Today:
If you walk into a room full of people reading, studying and otherwise being completely quiet, could you PLEASE resist the urge to start talking? And seriously, don’t act surprised when someone tells you to shut it and take your self-centered asses elsewhere. Or were those looks of shock and disdain because you suddenly realized other people exist beside you?


Dear Boss,
I REALLY hope everything works out with the settlement. Mostly because I’ve become very comfortable with the salary you so generously pay me. If it all goes as planned (*cross fingers* for this week), in the words of Michael Scott “don’t screw this pooch” this time.


Dear Favorite Fall Shows,
Welcome Back!! You were sorely missed. I thank you for your entertainment and for giving me something to obsess over other than school and work. Thank you for Jim and Pam being together. And should you split them up…seriously…run, cause I am coming to KILL!

Much love,

Dear Fall,
As much as I love the sweaters, boots, wool skirts and hats…I kinda wish you would go away because I’m not ready to bid adieu to the dresses and sandals and pool and not freezing when I get out of the shower. If you could hold off for another week (or 20) I’d be eternally grateful.


Dear Jess and Anna,
I miss you both more than words can say and I hope for some serious girly time soon. You both are my sanity and shoulders and I cannot say how much I love you both.


Dearest M:
You continue to be my heart and best buddy. Thank you for all the help with homework and staying up late to talk even though you’re tired. I love you more today than yesterday, less than tomorrow.




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