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Short and random October 16, 2007

Posted by Sparkel in books & movies & shows.

No, I’m not describing myself.  I’m somewhat tall 😀

Not too much has been going on…

M and I watched Open Water 2 the other night (courtesy of Fear Net.)  That movie was just…ridiculous.  They’re stuck in the ocean next to a yacht because they all went in and forgot to let the ladder down.  There is not one damn shark in the entire movie, and they’re only in the water for an afternoon, and yet somehow 4 out of 6 people manage to die.  One guy bangs his head, one guy stabs another, one girl swims for shore and you never find out what happens to her but just kind of assume that she dies, and one girl just lets herself drown after whining endlessly that she doesn’t want to die.  Dumbest people EVER.  Oh, and it’s supposedly based on true events.  You’d think if it were, the families would be too embarrassed about the utter lack of intelligence of their family members.  It was entertaining though.

As is I Love New York 2.  I floooove that show.  M and I watched the first season religiously.  ILNY and Flavor of Love are seriously the most entertaining shows on television. 

Gotta finish some things before I leave…



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