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50 more things October 21, 2007

Posted by Sparkel in meee, survey.

you may not know about moi:

51.  I love Friday Night Lights
52.  which I find strange, considering my complete disinterest in football.
53.  I think one of the greatest things about the show is the music, which is usually Explosions in the Sky.
54.  I keep the theme song on my walkman phone and blast it while I’m running on the treadmill at the gym sometimes. 
55.  It makes me feel angst-ier.
56.  The one thing I never questioned about religion and God is that everyone has a guardian angel. 
57.  I was so fascinated and comforted by the concept, that I actively sought out my angel when I was five. 
58.  When he finally “appeared” to me, he introduced himself as Blaine, and I talked to him about EVERYTHING throughout my entire childhood.
59.  And even into my teen years.
60.  The truth is, if I’m really upset or feel lonely I still talk to him. 
61.  To this day when I think of best friends throughout my life, I think of him. 
62.  And even though I know I was projecting his entire persona, I still feel grateful that I was imaginative enough to create someone who I have always felt understood by.
63.  I’m afraid his entire “existence” makes me a little insane.
64.  I’ve read that children with imaginary friends turn out to be more creative.
65.  Adults with imaginary friends?  Me thinks, not so much.
66.  My sister and I know all the words to all the songs from the Disney movies of our childhood.
67.  I’m listening to “Part of Your World” right now.
68.  I wanted to be Belle when I was younger.
69.  Mostly for the library.
70.  Half of the time I really want to be engaged.
71.  The other half of the time I’m terrified by the idea.
72.  I really, really hope that I’m surprised when it happens.
73.  And that I’m not disappointed by the way it happens.
74.  And I’m really afraid that makes me materialistic or spoiled.
75.  Though I am quite sure that if it’s M who’s proposing I’ll be ecstatic either way.
76.  I want to get married before M’s brothers and sisters so our wedding is seen as special and not “oh jeez, another one?”
77.  Which won’t happen, because M is the youngest by four years, and they all have significant others.
78.  I do not feel this way about my own brother and sister.
79.  I think my sister will get married first.
80.  And that she will be the most beautiful bride you or I will ever see.
81.  My entire life everyone has said that my sister is the pretty one and I’m the smart one.
82.  I have never believed I was ugly because of it.  I’ve always agreed-she is stunningly gorgeous.
83.  But because of the “smart one” attribution to me, she has always believed that she’s stupid.
84.  I think it’s stupid that we both just couldn’t be pretty and smart.
85.  Because I honestly think we both are.
86.  Most days I look in the mirror and think “could be better, but nothing to frown at.”
87.  I truly think everyone has something about them that’s beautiful.
88.  I have some of the greatest friends in the world.
89.  Jess is an amazing mother and gives the best advice. 
90.  She’s been my best friend since high school.
91.  And one of my closest since middle school.
92.  Neither would have been half as fun without her.
93.  Anna is worldy and kind.
94.  And seriously the best co-worker in the world.
95.  They will both be bridesmaids at my wedding and hopefully friends for life.
96.  I love reading quotations and lyrics.
97.  Especially while I’m at work.
98.  I really should be working on my journalism midterm.
99.  But I thought I’d bore you instead (you’re welcome 😀 )
100.  And now M wants to eat.  I love distractions more than most tasks.



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