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Sometimes it’s the little things November 14, 2007

Posted by Sparkel in meee, realizations.

I drove my dad to the MVA this morning and he, unprovoked, told me that he’s proud of me.

I went to my favorite Starbucks on the way to work. There are these two women who work there who I seriously adore. One is older and southern and knows my name and remembers details about where I work, what I do and exactly how to make my drink. The other is young and Russian with an adorable accent, and very sweet. She was there this morning, and while we were chatting while she made my drink she smiled and said “I like making this drink for you more than anyone because I know it makes you happy. It’s nice that even if you work here you can make someone smile like you smile.” So random and so, so sweet. I thanked her sincerely, and told her that I look forward to coming there every morning, and that it’s nice to start the day talking to someone so nice all the time.

I came to work and the paralegal gave me her old monitor because she got a new one, and hers is a lot bigger, so now I can actually see what I’m writing or reading.

I wrote a huge ranting email to Jess yesterday and she wrote one back that’s even longer than mine was, full of compliments and consoling words.

I was sweeping the kitchen after dinner, and M walked in, and without a word walked over to the closet and got the dustpan so he could pick up the pile I was making.  After he threw it away, I smiled, and said thank you as he kissed my forehead and then said “no my babylove, thank you.”

Even though life can be infuriating, difficult, or sad for no reason in particular I am grateful for the little things that happen everyday that I tend to overlook.



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