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Things I Will Never Like January 16, 2008

Posted by Sparkel in annoyances.

Damp towels.
Going to bed hungry.
The color orange.
Cold weather.
Public bathrooms.
Being told what to do.
One-sided conversations.
Rough patches on the bottom of my feet.
Paris Hilton.
Bill O’Reilly.
Ann Coulter.
Daytime TV.
Really late night TV (after 2 am).
Crumbs on a kitchen floor.
Cold showers.
Plain rice.
The gym being crowded.
People who talk loudly in the morning.
Bright rooms.

What about you?



1. nicoleantoinette - January 16, 2008

Ooo, good list! I just joined a gym in Cali and remembered why January is the worst month ever to join a gym.

I will never like: doing laundry & making food related sacrifices for my waist line.

2. magda - January 16, 2008

Your list could be mine, with one exception: I love plain rice. Plain pasta, too–couldn’t say why. Some of my dislikes: crowded train cars; the way nice-smelling lotion’s scent seems to leave the bottle before it’s even that old; bloody marys (in fact, tomato juice in general); air conditioning in office buildings in January.

3. Marriage-101 - January 16, 2008

Personally, I just DREAM of public bathrooms painted orange with Paris Hilton AND Bill O’Reilly in there with me!

Uh, yeah…so I pretty much hate everything on your list too.

4. brandy - January 19, 2008

Ahh I loved this. Damp towels and Paris Hilton especially. On my list? Wet floors, the feeling of cotton balls in my hand, the fake smell of pine tree air freshners…. I could go on but then I’m not sure I would be able to stop.

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