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This entire post is TMI February 5, 2008

Posted by Sparkel in meee.

Not quite dead (yet) but I must say I felt very close to it.  I have never been sick like that in my life.  I woke up on Saturday morning trembling and shivering from being FREEZING even thought I was under three super heavy blankets.  And despite the fact that I was maybe the coldest I’ve ever been I was sweating.  Like, through my sweats, t-shirt, sweater, until my hair and pillow and blanket underneath me were soaked through.  It was pretty gross.

I’m 95% sure it was the flu, but the fact that I don’t have health insurance means I’ll never know for sure.  I took some antibiotics from my stash and feel better, so I’m just glad it’s almost over.  I still feel weak and achy but it’s 20 times better than it was.

M was so sweet the whole weekend…he brought me juice and made me food (the small amount I could keep down) and cleaned up the thousands of tissues I used and half-heartedly threw next to the bed and gave me medicine and surprised me with flowers and even helped me wash my hair and get dressed.  I woke up on Sunday to him putting socks on my feet.  So sweet 😀

The only good(?) thing about being sick was I literally could not eat solid food for three days, and what little I ate came right back up so I lost 7 pounds over the weekend.  And while I have no doubt it will come right back once I get back to normal, it was kinda nice to get on the scale and see that I’m 10 pounds away from my goal.

Thanks for the concern and comments on the last post!  You guys are sweet 😀



1. nicoleantoinette - February 5, 2008

Yuck fest 08. Feel better soon sweetie!

2. magda - February 5, 2008

Hang on to M … he’s a keeper! As wretched as you feel now, this is one of those things you guys will remember for a long time. At least from the outside, it’s pretty adorable.

Also: I think you’ve given me all the encouragement I need to bare my arm for a flu shot next year. I hate needles jabbing into me so, so much that I usually try to avoid it with an “eh, won’t happen to me” nonchalance. Perhaps not the best course! So glad you’re feeling better though!

3. crystall - February 6, 2008

HUGS! Glad you’re feeling better. Being sick is never, ever fun.

4. Dean Calvert - February 11, 2008

Good info. and reading. I would definitely bookmark you to check for new updates.

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