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Back your stuff up. March 24, 2008

Posted by Sparkel in annoyances, realizations.

Sometimes I’m convinced that my purpose in life is to serve as a bad example. Like, “Oh look, there’s Sparkel. Let’s all see what she does and then take rigorous notes titled ‘This is how NOT to live!'”

The Geek Squad called this morning to let me know that my hard drive is shot, so I’m going to need a new one. Not only will this rip a good $300 from my already-recently-depleted (thanks to hella expensive text books) bank account, but because I am a procrastinating idiot?

A good THOUSAND pictures (from the beginning of my relationship with M, of friends, of my (albeit few) trips) that don’t exist anywhere else? Gone.

Approximately 2,000 songs and videos that took three years to (both legally and illegally) download? Gone.

A couple dozen short stories that I just never found the time to print or save to a disc? Gone.

Tons…and TONS…of bookmarked sites and school papers and funny pictures or images I liked over the years? Gone.

I don’t know whether to weep or ram my head into a wall for being such an idiot. Everyone tells you to back up! It’s the most basic computer tip there is!

So, my beloved friends…do yourself a favor (if you don’t already. Apparently EVERYONE I KNOW does, and can only shake their head in awe that I haven’t done this at least once in the three years since I bought my computer) and back your stuff up.

Or, you know…don’t drop your computer. If you do either you’ll be ten times smarter than me. (You: “Um, yeah, like that’s HARD!” Me: *still just opening and closing my mouth to sputter every now and again.*)




1. verybadcat - March 24, 2008

Oh, that sucks. That sucks really bad. I lost an old Compaq back in the day, and since then, I’ve always dutifully backed up. I’m psycho about it now- I back my work comp up on my portable hard drive, and I back my laptop up on my portable hard drive, and I back up my portable hard drive on my laptop, and all my pics are on the laptop, the portable hd, AND picasa web albums.

Which, btw, is what I would recommend for backing up- Gmail and Picasa, where you can upload all your docs, spreadsheets and pics. I haven’t figured out the music yet- I just back that up on the laptop, the portable hd, and even the desktop. 🙂 See? Psycho. 🙂

2. legallyheidi - March 24, 2008

omg they did that to me too! I begged, pleaded, screamed and cried and got my old “shot” hard drive back. I lost all the info but luckily, i had the hard drive from my computer before this one that still has all my old files on it. I sent it in back in august because it wasn’t holding a charge…i don’t know what the hard drive has to do with that. I get it back 3 months later, they lost the cord which it turns out was the only thing wrong that was preventing it from keeping a charge. Best buy is stupid. Seriously beware ❤

3. magda - March 24, 2008

I am definitely taking this advice. Probably tonight. I was watching some of my Sex & The City DVDs over the weekend, and I saw the one where Carrie’s computer dies, and everyone’s all, what, you don’t back up?! I was sitting there thinking, hmmm, I haven’t really backed anything up, either. And now this post? It’s a cosmic sign. It must be.

I’m so sorry that this happened to you! Don’t hit your head too hard, though 🙂 This kind of sh!t happens to everyone.

4. hema - March 25, 2008

poor you! hope you can replace them with new memories soon xx

5. drbolte - March 25, 2008

if it makes you feel any little bit less like the only idiot around, i did the EXACT SAME THING and almost died.

and then i was well on my way to doing the same thing until my mom bought me an external hard drive. she still nags me about it. if you learn your lesson now, you’ll have made it all worth it. i know that sounds like crap now, but it’s true.

it still sucks, though. sigh. i’m sorry.

6. Jess - March 27, 2008

Oh NOOOOO. I’m so sorry! Torsten is hardcore about backing things up so we have an external hard drive with a mirror disk so that even if the computer and one of the disks fails, we’ll still have a backup. And I also upload all my favorite pictures to Flickr so they are backed up by a much more secure server than ours. Just a thought for next time… and hey, at least you have everything on your blog!

7. cdp - March 28, 2008

I’m sorry to hear about this. It happened to me not long ago and I agree with you re. backing stuff up, and also re. how bad this SUCKS. I’m so sorry!

8. brandy - March 28, 2008

AHHH! love, I’m so sorry. How incredibly frustrating. I’m going to start saving stuff now. I need to!

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