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Maybe I should take a break from my Watchmen obsession… March 29, 2009

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Sometimes M and I have random, comically menacing conversations with each other.  Like tonight, at around 8:30:

M:  Oh crap, I forgot to take money out of the bank so you can do my emissions tomorrow.
Me:  You know, it wouldn’t kill you to say ‘please’ every once in a while.
M:  Psh.  You better.  Or when I come home I’ll spank you.
Me:  Psh.  Try it when I make you walk home.
M:  I’ll get here eventually.
Me:  Yeah, good luck getting in after I change the locks.  You’ll find everyone else standing outside with you.  You’ll all be knocking and begging me to let you in.  And I’ll look down and whisper “No.”


I… March 1, 2009

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I am…posting again after a random, unintentional hiatus.
I think…too much.
I know…less than I’d like.
I want…a beach, a notebook, strawberry lemonade, a good pen and unlimited hours.
I have…a pretty fantastic life to be honest.
I wish…it were even more fantastic.  Greedy, I know.
I hate…good things ending and bad things being prolonged.
I miss…Arizona and my biggest concern being whether or not my lunchbox was cool enough for school.
I fear…abandonment as a result of my personality.
I feel…passionately about too many things.
I hear…the things you don’t say.
I smell…stargazer lilies that M gave me.
I regret…nothing.  Everything, good and bad, made me who I am, and I’m pretty fond of me.
I love…love.
I care…too much about things that don’t concern me.
I always…
I am not…
I believe…in magic 😀
I dance…to the beat of a different drum.
I sing…loudly and out of tune.

I write…and hope to make a living out of it, but love it regardless.
I win…thumb wars and checkers fairly consistently.
I lose…faith in humanity more often than I’d like.
I never…want to lose hope that all you need is love.
I listen…even when it seems like I don’t.
I can usually be found…reading at Starbucks or Barnes and Noble.
I’m scared of…scaring people away.
I read…anything.
I forget…nothing.  Seriously, I am THE retainer of useless information and every conversation I’ve ever had.
I just…wanna go to Europe.
I am happy about…job prospects, having the basics in life and then some, awesome friends, a wonderful partner and the fact that this year is lookin’ good.