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Round, eh? January 15, 2008

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Anna (who is back at work! YIPPEE!) and I were having a conversation about my new Quest to Be a Size 6. She doesn’t think my body type is capable of being a size 6.

A: We have the same body type, and at my skinniest I’m a size 8. People have always called me wide. I don’t think you could ever be a size 6.
Me: Well, no one calls me “wide.”
A: Well that’s because you’re round.

ROUND?!?! Humpty Dumpty is round!

I’m now ever more inspired to be a size 6, so…thanks Anna!

Seriously though…she was trying to get me to be realistic and pointed out numerous times that I look fine and shouldn’t worry. She’s also joining my gym (woo hoo!) and she’s going to come with me at least one day a week to motivate me.

For the other days I have pictures of me in my bathing suit from El Salvador (*shudder*)

I have a bottle of water and a banana on my desk. It’s getting serious people.

PS- does it count as “drinking 8 glasses of water a day” if you drink them all at once?  Probably no, seeing as how they come out pretty much as soon as they came in right?



So far, so good November 2, 2007

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I just got back from going to the gym with Anna.  Two freaking hours.  I told her about my goals to do the splits and run a mile and she was all “I can run a mile without stopping!” and then proceeded to.  She was trying to cheer me on to get me motivated, but my body was just not having it.  Plus cheering and motivating words have no effect.  Nothing makes me want to lose weight more than seeing a picture of myself looking fat or being called fat.  I told Anna to yell at me and call me “fat-ass,” but she, ever the sweetheart that she is, refused, so we went to stretch. We did the thing where you spread your legs and put your feet together and hold hands so you can pull eachother back and forth.  I may not be able to run worth a damn, but I do feel significantly more flexible.  It was a lot of fun, which I almost never think about going to the gym.

The diet is back on track.  I had a macchiato for breakfast, then a cup of chex mix and water for lunch.  M and I are going to a Mexican restaurant with Anna, Kate and their boys for dinner tonight.  Anna says they have amazing margaritas an sangria, so…should be fun. 

I’m watching Big Fish right now.  I love the scene where he brings a field full of daffodils to the woman he loves and when she asks why he did it, he says “it’s the only way I can get my wife to marry me.”  So sweet.

I got nothin else…have a great weekend!

Fat no more October 29, 2007

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Last night M and I went to Jessie’s to carve pumpkins with her, Derek and Angela.  We each had our own pumpkin (I carved M, and was told that it looked like a monkey) and then took pictures of them outside.  It was a lot of fun.

Jess sent me the pictures, and while looking at them I realized that I need to get SERIOUS about my diet and going to the gym.  Enough is definitely enough.  I was going to make today my fresh start, but I kinda already had some Reeses PBCs and Smarties, so…tomorrow fo sho.  I have today off, so I’m going to get some healthy food before my class tonight.  Then tomorrow I’m going to pack a gym bag and keep it in the car, so I can go for an hour or so before work every morning.  I think I also want to go a few nights a week too.  I need to jump-start a healthy kick, cause…yea… it’s apparently much needed.

Gotta run…