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August 22, 2007

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Yesterday was the first day in a loooong while that I’ve felt the urge to shop.  I went to the bank to deposit a month and a half’s worth of paychecks from my two jobs because I figured that if it wasn’t in the bank, I couldn’t spend it.  So, after seeing how much is in there now, and realizing that I could use a couple pairs of jeans and some sweaters cause it’s starting to get cold in the morning and at night, and that it’s been a while since I’ve bought clothes for M, it couldn’t hurt to have a mini-shopping spree.  So that is what I did.  I hit the mall, and, although my wallet is a good $300 lighter, I honestly don’t feel guilty.  I even showed everything off to M, who was happy with his stuff, and told me that mine were all pretty too (this is key, cause he HATES when I shop or spend money on anything other than necessities.)  I got three pairs of jeans, three sweaters, a super comfy pair of ballet flats for work, a really cute top for work, some super comfy sweats for the gym, socks, a couple going-out shirts and a pretty dress.  I feel satisfied, and honestly don’t feel the need to buy more until the season changes again. 

M saw book 7 of Harry Potter on our dresser and asked “why did you buy that?  I thought you were going to wait.”  I thought ‘oh great, here comes the lecture I was expecting about the clothes’ and then he said “I was going to buy it for you.” 

Now, M is a sweetheart of a guy.  Very romantic, gets me flowers for no reason, organizes my closet for me, brings me breakfast in bed on Sundays sometimes, give me foot massages without my asking…the works.  He does not, however, spend money.  On anything other than food (and anniversarys, V-Day, Christmas and my birthday, obviously.)  So for him to even say that he was going to surprise me with something that he would so much rather me just check out from the library was very, very sweet and unexpected. 

Things have been really good with us.  Like ‘I blast cheesy love songs on the way to work (this morning it was “Aint No Other Man”) and smile for seemingly no good reason” good. 

I got my books for school, and a ton of pens, so…I feel ready.  I also bought some Spanish vocabulary flash cards to practice on because El Salvador for Christmas is just about official.  M and I are going to get our passports either today or tomorrow, then we’re going to buy the plane tickets this weekend.  I’m getting excited.  I’m looking for deals on luggage so M and I can have our own set.  I love traveling.  I love being on planes, I love packing and hotels…I love everything about being somewhere unfamiliar.  I really, really hope I get the chance to do it more often. 

Gotta get to work…


Too sweet not to share June 28, 2007

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Even though it’s a secret, it’s just too cute not to share:

Email from M:

Hello my lovely girly girl,

I have a confession to make…..Don’t get mad…I don’t want to fight….But there is something that I have been hiding from you……………….My secret is that….I Love You

Don’t tell anyone…This message will self destruct in 2 seconds….