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Celebration January 29, 2008

Posted by Sparkel in The Diet.

How do I decide to celebrate my weight loss?


…I don’t think I truly comprehend the whole “diet” thing.


Four pounds! January 29, 2008

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I lost 4 pounds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Wahoo!  Now only 19 more to go!!

…fuuuck that’s a big number…I miss french fries!  And cookies.  And ice cream.  And pasta.  Oh no, I forgot about the pasta…

Okay…back to proud.  4 pounds!!  Yeehaw!

Two weeks?! December 12, 2007

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I finished my loathed journalism class on Monday, so I decided to reward myself with a night of nothing.  So, last night after getting off work I laid around, watched TV, read blogs and my favorite sites, and made M (a delicious, if I do say so myself) dinner.  It was nice.

But tonight it’s right back to reading and studying and writing a huge paper.  Le sigh.

On the way to work this morning I was thinking about things I need to get done, what presents to buy for whom, budgets, etc. when it hit me.  I am going to El Salvador in less than two weeks.  Less than two weeks?!  I was planning to hit the gym twice a day every day and eat nothing but fruits, veggies and lowfat dairy products until then, and I have not done a damn thing.  I also need to listen to these CD’s I bought a couple years ago to learn how to speak “conversational” spanish.  So, when I went to Target for my morning fix and bought water, yogurt, a delicious looking smoothie drink, and for lunch I’m going to buy fruit and make a fruit salad to keep in the fridge here.  I am definitely going to the gym tonight, and I’m going to play the CD’s every morning and evening on the drive home.  It’s time to get serious!

I also really need to start thinking of gifts.  I’ve been so preoccupied with school and work that I haven’t given much thought to anyone’s gift.  All I really know is that I can’t afford to give much.  I’m thinking of just making baskets for everyone.  It’s so much easier to think of little things that people might love instead of large, expensive things.  So we shall see.  I definitely want to do something special for M because he bought me the plane ticket for my gift.  He and I both know there is no way I can afford to get him something that expensive, but I want it to be special and something he’ll love.

Gotta get back to work!

Goals November 1, 2007

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In the spirit of not wasting my life anymore, I’ve come up with a list of goals that I WILL accomplish by the end of 2008:

1.  To read every book on Random House and Time Magazines 100 Greatest Books of All Time lists.
2.  To be able to do the splits all three ways again.
3.  To do a perfect back extension roll (I took gymnastics for years, but was never able to do one for some reason, which sucks, because it’s probably my favorite tumbling move…don’t ask me why.)
4.  To run a mile without stopping or walking.
5.  To speak fluent Spanish.
6.  To have $5000 in savings.
7.  To travel somewhere out of the country.
8.  To have (what is my own personal opinion of) a nice bikini body.
9.  To write at least one complete story (long or short.)
10.  To have one night (at least) where I stay out all night partying with my favorite girlies.
11.  To at least look into internships or possible jobs in the entertainment industry.

Halloween was mellow.  M and I stayed in for the Trick-or-Treaters and watched Bravo’s 100 Scariest Movie Moments, which I loooooove.  We were boy and girl ghosts (I had a pink sheet, he had a blue one) because it was cheap and easy. 

Anna is coming over this afternoon so we can catch up.  I’m really happy to see her.  I feel like it’s been months.

Still no word on the job front (except “I’m hoping we can get back to normal soon”, which I’ve been hearing for a month now) so I am officially looking for a new job.  Wish me luck!

Oh, and since it’s impossible and cruel to diet on Halloween, and I’ve been slacking before anyway, I am starting over today:

Breakfast:  caramel macchiato
Lunch: spaghetti

With friends like mine… August 24, 2007

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Last night was really nice.  My sister came over and we hung out just the two of us for the first time in a looooong time.  We talked until almost 1:30 about everything…my grandmother, our boys, friends that aren’t so great…it was like old times.  We made plans to hang out next weekend, and I really hope we do because I miss her a lot. 

I spent a good part of the workday yesterday talking to Anna about issues with people.  I told her a little of what went on with my parents when I was younger, and the effect it seems to have had on my thoughts and self-esteem.  I hate using the way other people treat you or experiences as a cop-out for being an asshole.  I never want to be one of those people.  But more and more I feel really angry and disenchanted with a lot of people.  Anna said something really sweet: “It just really sucks that you deal with such crappy people who do such crappy things because you’re not one of those people who asks for it, or who likes drama in their lives.  You deserve it less than anyone I know.  It would just be nice if people would live up to your standards.  It’s not like they’re even high.”  I was like awwwww! and word.  People kinda suck.  So I’m letting fewer and fewer in and unabashedly making cuts.  I’m spending more time on me and on reading and movies.  And the people who prove that they don’t suck when it matters.

Anna and I have an appointment to get our makeup done at Clinique today at 4.  They’re doing some kind of promotion, and the only catch is that we are “expected to buy one thing.”  I love getting my makeup done, so…should be fun.  I took off work tomorrow, and Anna and I are going to get manicures and pedicures and our hair did.  I’m siked.  I love pedicures.  I feel guilty cause I think feet are gross, and I don’t particularly enjoy the  sight of someone kneeling at my feet, but…foot massages are one of my favorite indulgences.  So I’m looking forward to it. 

Tonight M and I are probably going out for dinner and then to a bar with Anna, Kate, and some other people.  I’m siked to try new drinks I found online.  Yea, I’m a nerd…

Gotta get some work done. 

Food Diary:
Breakfast:  my macchiato
Lunch: strawberries dipped in sugar (so f-ing worth it), a banana & 12 oz bottler of water
Snack: bits of a fruit salad and a vitamin water
Dinner: chicken and french fries
Gym time: 1 hour

dieting August 23, 2007

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I can’t believe I’m about to type this, but… whatev.  I am on a diet.  I’ve NEVER been on a diet, always thought they were a waste of time and perfectly good junk food, and never ever thought that I would even consider being on one.  But, I got Self magazine, and joined the “You can tone/lose weight/run better in 31 days” thing they’ve got going online, and yea…it turns out that my weight is not as average as I previously thought.  I’ve been told by doctors that I weigh a good 20 lbs more than I look like I do, probably due to the years of gymnastics I put my body through.  I went to a doctor once, and the nurse who weighed me exclaimed “wow! You must be made of solid rock! You weigh so much more than I thought you would!”  (Nice, huh?)

So, I’m biting the bullet and aiming to lose that 20 lbs that amazes doctors and puts me in the “technically 3 pounds overweight” category.  Yesterday I bid a fond farewell to my favorite foods.  No more Nerds or Reeses at work…no more grilled cheese sandwiches with 4 slices of American cheese…no more macchiatos every day…(I still plan to have them because I looked up just how many carbs/calories/fat grams are in them and yea…not half as many as there are in many, many other options) just water, then salads, then more water, then limited amounts of meat for the protein, then fruit, then water, then veggies.  All in limited amounts.  Except for the water, which I plan to practically drown myself in.  I’m also going to start going to the gym at least two mornings a week before work.  My target weight is 125, and I figure if I can get to it in two months…I’ll feel proud of myself.  And oh so sad because yea…have I mentioned I LIVE on/for sugar?

I may keep track of my daily food consumption and an exercise log just to see how much progress I’m making (and to allow those nearest and dearest to give me a not to subtle kick in the butt should I slip). 

Wish me luck!

Food Diary:
Breakfast: iced venti caramel macchiato with whipped cream and extra caramel
Lunch: Peaches and pears fruit cup & 12 oz water bottle
Snack: hardboiled egg
Dinner: chicken with beans and strawberry lemonade
Snack: another macchiato (it was my sister’s treat!)