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Bleh Part…too many to count at this point. March 31, 2008

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The weekend was basically a big onslaught of suck starting from just before I left work on Friday.  My boss handed me my paycheck and then informed me that I would no longer be able to come in before 8:30 am, and also, by-the-way style, he may need to cut hours again soon, but he’s “not sure yet.”


This made me angry for several reasons.  One, I do not have benefits at this job.  I don’t have any kind of insurance, I don’t have vacation time, sick time, and the pay is pretty mediocre considering I know the how this office runs like the back of my hand and KEEP IT RUNNING pretty thanklessly.  The only perk this job has offered is a flexible schedule, so for my boss to take it away and sort of shrug and obviously not really care one way or another that this will fuck with my schedule and paycheck really pissed me off.  Nonchalantly mentioning that he may need to cut hours after he JUST CUT THEM a few months back made me positively seethe with anger.

So, I am officially looking for a new job.  I found one this morning that could be awesome (double the pay, no traffic, 7:30-4, benefits) so I’m polishing up my resume tonight.  It’s going to be weird working somewhere else, but frankly I need a job that will be reliable, and considering the last time my boss pulled this I got basically a weekends notice, I can’t count on it not happening again.  I really hope I get this job.  Wish me luck!

I worked on Saturday then went to get my every-two-weeks-like-clock-work manicure.  I decided to go to a place that charges a little less than the place I usually go, and found out the hard way (which is apparently the only way I learn) why those places charge less.  I don’t know if the woman thought I would be impressed with how quickly (read: rushed) she worked, or how she barely glanced at my hands, but instead chose to talk to her coworkers or see who was coming in.  I don’t know if she cared for repeat customers, or if she just wanted to get to her lunch.  Because she filed my nails so hard that she made three of my cuticles bleed, and the proceeded to get ANNOYED that the BLOOD WOULDN’T STOP.  At one point I pulled my hands back, cocked my head, and very calmly said “can you please be a little more gentle?”  She gave me a terse “sorry” and continued to attack my hands.  After she was done she just got up and walked over to one of her coworkers and started eating.  Didn’t tell me where to go to dry my nails.  I figured it out after scanning the place and left shortly after.

I paid the cashier and started to walk away, and she actually had the nerve to say “no tip?”  I looked her right in the eye, held up my hand to show her the blood that was STILL working its way out of my poor fingers and said “um, here’s a tip: don’t make your customers bleed!” and flounced away.

I scrubbed the shit out of my hands with peroxide (which felt WONDERFUL, let me tell you) and put neosporin on after I got home, thought I will admit I briefly entertained how satisfying it would be to sue the bajeesus out of those people for their shoddy work resulting in an infection.  It’d be two birds with one stone; watch a shitty company go out of business and FINALLY get a perk from my job (free legal service.)

Hope you had a better weekend.


Blah December 6, 2007

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Work and school have been sucking the life out of me lately.  We’re having a holiday party at work, and I’ve spent the past week getting organized for it.  I even had to take some things home to work on, which is good cause I racked up some much needed hours.  But work has unfortunately left less time for studying and papers, which is MUCH needed.  I have a paper that’s already two days late and I’m still not finished, another story to write for journalism, finals next week, and literally hundreds of pages to read.  The fact that I just glanced at the clock at thought “ooh, good- its still early” when it’s 12:44 am and I need to wake up at 6 shows that I just may be losing it.

I really just want to be done with school already.  I try not to think about how if I would have just started when I was supposed to and not taken those three semesters off I would have graduated last semester.  *sigh*  Hindsight is 20/20.  Even now I think about taking another semester off just to give my mind a break.  But I know I would regret it, and it would only be putting off the inevitable.  I would love to fast-forward to five years from now just to see all this effort is even worth it.  M and I talked about school and money and what its worth this morning, and he pointed out that if you put so much effort and time and money into school, you better make sure that you get a job that makes it worthwhile.  He chose wisely, and I have no doubt whatsoever that it will pay off for him.  I, on the other hand, am full of doubts about my future career and salary.  I need to get serious about it.  And that means focusing on school right now, no matter how many late nights are needed.  But I tell ya…the number of hours I’m racking up in sleep debt is a hell of a lot higher than the amount I’ll make my first year out of college.  Le sigh…

Off to study…

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas… November 7, 2007

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My joy at working full time again lasted all of one day.  Now I’m back to “ugghhhh 8 to 5??  Killlllll meeeeee!!”  Friday’s paycheck will probably bring a smile though.  But that’s two. whole. days. away.  The Fed Ex guy who comes here almost daily always pops his head in to say “we can make it!  Only [however many days until the week is over] left!”  Nice to know I’m not the only one here who starts eyeballing (or sometimes whimpering at) the door at 2 pm.

I’m starting to think about Christmas gifts for my loves.  M is officially the most difficult person in the world to shop for.  I think I’ve done pretty well so far (Tivo first Christmas,  leather recliner second Christmas, PSP third Christmas)  but I seriously cannot think of one thing he might like and/or use.  I’m really hoping I get a nice Christmas bonus kind of early because if I do I think I’ll probably surprise him with tickets to El Salvador, because I know he’s really bummed that we aren’t going.

As for my other nearest and dearest, I’m probably going to do boxes or baskets full of small things (cookies, candles, lotions, mixed CD’s, jewelry, etc.)  My family was thinking about all of us chipping in to get my mom tickets for the World Series a couple weeks ago because she is obsessed with the Red Sox, but those tickets?  Impossible to get and so freaking expensive.  So now I need to come up with something for the second hardest person to shop for.  Seriously,  my mom has never received a gift she’s loved.  And she’s an unapologetic exchanger, which has caused some tears over the years.  Ah, holidays…

I’m planning a “Friends Thanksgiving” with some of my friends (duh), and I’m getting excited about it.  It’s gonna be at my house, and we’re going to have tons of food (somewhat potluck), drinks (cider and eggnog), music and I’m making tons of little desserts.  It’s going to be awesome, especially because hello?  two Thanksgivings? Yummy.  I was going to boycott Thanksgiving this year (after reading A People’s History of the United States), but the thought of decorations and being surrounded by friends is too much to pass up.  I’m such a sucker for holidays.  I’m trying to convince M to set up the tree next weekend just so we can look at it for longer this year.

Gotta get to work.

woo hoo! November 5, 2007

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I got an email this morning from my boss letting the staff know that we are back on, and can resume normal work schedules ASAP.  I’m so freaking relieved.  I’m going to talk to him tomorrow and ask if I can work 50 hours a week for the next month so I can catch up on the dent last month left in my bank account. 

I am very, very happy right now.  Squeeeeeee!

The Diet:
Breakfast: nothin
Lunch: Cesaer salad and broccoli/cheddar soup from Panera
Snack:  Caramel Macchiato
Gym time: 1 hour

Money=blah October 18, 2007

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I know most people do not like to read about money.  Well, money-woes.  I don’t like to whine about money but I will just for today because it’s on my mind and I need to vent.

Things are still not back to normal at my job.  My patience is wearing thin.  I have been assured all week that it will happen “any day now” and “by Monday definitely”, but so far, nada.  And it’s Thursday.  *sigh*

I really don’t want to look for another job.  Even though I was talking to the paralegal (who is looking for contract work) and she said that I could easily find another admin job that pays more and actually offers benefits.  I’ve never had a job that offers benefits.  My last job gave me one week paid vacation for the last year I was there.  No health, so sick time, no 401k or stock options.  My boss does give pretty sweet Christmas bonuses and may-or-may-not give us each a hefty bonus for “sticking things out now,” but right now I just want stability.

Part of the reason for these concerns is that M and I have been planning to go to El Salvador to visit his family for the past few months.  We found plane tickets two months ago that were under $600, and now, because we waited like idiots, the only available tickets are at least $1000.  And M wants to go for 17 days.  17 days with no vacation pay seems like a LOT of money now that I’m not working as much.  Plus spending money while we’re there…this trip is going to cost a good $3500 easily.  Which was okay when I knew I was working full time and could easily afford my monthly bills and save for the next two months for spending and bill money.  Now that my income has been cut in half, and there’s no real way to know when it will go back to normal…I’m worried. 

It sucks so much because M is so looking forward to this trip, and my job and financial situation is what’s holding us up.  What would really, REALLY save the day is…you know what, I won’t even mention it because then it won’t happen.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed big time though.

Money ruins everything. 

I miss Anna October 10, 2007

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Work is so weird lately. When I first started this job I was the only assistant, so I was used to it being very quiet, but then my boss hired a boat load of people. It was so easy to get used to there always being someone to chat with. Then he hired Anna and she and I became inseparable. It sucks more than I can say that she’s gone. She just called to tell me that she just left a job interview and she thinks she might get it. I’m happy for her but so, so sad at the same time. I used to leave an hour before her, so she would come and sit at my desk, and she’d always leave notes or funny pictures or something random up on my screen. I keep a bowl of Nerds and a bowl of Sweetart bunnies at my desk, and one day when I came in she threw some bunnies into the Nerd bowl and left little post-it notes (like thought bubbles) where the bunnies were “claiming” the Nerd bowl, and then one said there were too many Nerds so they were drowning. It cracked me up when I came in (her response: “It was a LONG hour.” hee) We were constantly talking (much to my boss’s dismay) and we’d take Target trips and Starbucks trips together, or sometimes go shopping at the mall after work. We talked about anything and everything.

She also made one post-it with a happy face saying “This is me when you are here!” and then a sad faced one saying “and this is me when you’re not.” It started this trend of everyone (well, M and the paralegal) leaving a sad faced post-it at my desk, which I pinned to the wall next to my computer. I was looking at them this morning, and I swear I made the same face back at the one she made.

We talked on the phone for a good hour just now. She was like “I have no one to tell my weekend stories to! I have no one to have great random conversations with! I have no one to eat lunch with. Starbucks seems so lonely now. I lost my one true confidante.” I feel the exact same way.

I do not like change. I never really have. I want everyone I love to be there forever. I want certain couples to never break up (I’m STILL kinda sad about Justin and Britney and Brad and Jen.) I want my favorite TV shows to stay on forever. No more of this getting cancelled, moving away, leaving, dying stuff. I have faith that Anna and I will remain close friends, but it won’t be the same. I hate change the most when I am aware of how happy I am with the way things are. The same day my boss informed us of the hour-reductions Anna and I were listening to Beatles songs, eating Starbucks and Chex Mix and chatting when I said “you know, I really love our job. ” We looked at each other for a minute and smiled and she said “yeah. Me too.”

That’s probably what did us in.

I need a ticket to ri-hi-hide October 3, 2007

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The paralegal in the office is this really sweet, mellow woman who rides horses.  This morning she showed me an advertisement book for horses and barns.  My boss called her into his office, so I flipped through the book and came to a page of pictures of what I thought were dead horses.  The title said “Out Cold” and they were all lying down.  I stared at it in complete horror until I remembered that “out cold” means sleeping, not dead.  The paralegal found it really funny.

Last night I went out for dinner and a movie with Anna and Kate.  We saw Across the Universe, which… yeah… amazing.  Anna and I were bouncing and singing along with all the songs and cried when it was over.  It’s a very strange movie in a lot of ways.  It seemed almost as though the writers went  “Okay, so we’re going to make a movie tribute to the Beatles music!  And have the actors singing songs that fit the story!  And how we’ll write the scenes is this: we’ll lock ourselves in a room, take LSD, and just WRITE!  And we have to film whatever we write.  Lets do this!”

It’s seriously great.  Go see it!

It’s very strange not working full time.  I’m glad that I’m able to study more.  And watch shows and movies and read books that have piled up.  And clean.  And see friends more.  I’m trying not to focus on the money part because it’s really the only negative.  And I should be alright for the next month.  *crosses fingers*

Gotta get to work.  The kinda sucky thing is that there’s a TON of work that needs to be done, so now I need to cram it into four 5-hour days instead of five 8-9 hour days.


I’m half-jobless September 30, 2007

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So…I kinda lost half of my job.  On Friday my boss informed Anna and I that he’s low on funds at the moment and therefore has no choice but to cut back on payroll.  He told us he can only afford to pay 20 hours a week between us until he settles a really big case and then we’re back to normal.  But it could take anywhere from a few days to several months.  Kinda really sucks a lot.

Anna lives at home, has no bills to speak of, and said that her dad wanted her to take a month off anyway to study for the GRE, so she very generously told me that I can take all 20 hours.  I feel really bad, but at the same time I really need the money.  Even with the 20 hours, my income just got cut in half.  I’m going to ask my Saturday job boss if I can work another day or two a week for the next month, and if my boss doesn’t have me working more hours by then I really have no choice but to find another job.

I’m bummed because I really like my job.  The work is boring, but I can choose my schedule, the pay is really great, and I work with one of my closest friends.  I really can’t ask for much better.  I looked around online for other administrative assistant jobs, and saw one posted at UMCP that pays a little more that I’m making now so I may go for that one.  This really sucks.  But I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this is extremely temporary and my boss tells us on Monday “nevermind! We settled and are back on!”  We shall see.

I could use the time to study and I have some back-up money so I should be alright.  Of course I’ll be alright.  I know I’ll find another job.  I just REALLY hope it pays as well cause I’ve spoiled myself rotten. 

Random (12?) September 18, 2007

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Not having the internet at work sucks.  I do try to be productive, and actually work on what I’m paid to work on, but I will admit that it’s nice to take the occassional break and surf.  Right now I’m miraculously connected to someone’s wireless connection through my laptop, and when I figure out who he is, I will give him a big smooch. 

Unless it’s this completely creepy guy who works for the bank upstairs and is apparently somewhat stalking me.  One day, back when M worked here full time, creepy guy was in the elevator when we got in to leave for the day.  Whenever I see him he blatantly stares (which is one of my biggest pet peeves), and I try to ignore it and be polite and basically just avoid him at all costs.  Anyway…M and I walk into the elevator, and he proceeds to STARE at me.  M notices, clears his throat, and steps in front of me.  Creepy guy then actually moves over to the corner of the elevator, completely ignoring M, and keeps staring.  It was the creepiest thing.  When the elevator stopped, M took my hand and nudged me so I would walk out before him, and then glared at the creepy guy, who smiled and told me to have a nice afternoon. 

I usually leave at three, and Anna leaves at four, so she comes to sit at my desk because it’s the reception desk, and my boss likes to have someone there at all times.  We keep the door to the office closed, but there is a long window so you can see who’s walking by or waiting for the elevator (which is right next to our office).  She called me on Friday to say that she noticed that someone was looking in through the window, and looked up to see creepy guy staring at her.  She said that he looked “hopeful”, saw that it was her, looked “disappointed” and then moved closer to the elevator so that she couldn’t see him.  She noted that this is super creepy because he works on the third floor, (we’re on the second), so he would have no reason whatsoever to be on our floor. 

He seems relatively harmless.  I’m just frankly disgusted with him because he’s older (in his 50’s) and married (his wife, who looks really sweet, brings him lunch) (Anna and I spend a lot of time staring out the window, I’m not stalking him as well).  We were appalled to see that he’s actually married and acts the way he does.

Really random story, but I saw him this morning, and he smiled his creepy smile and yea… he’s creepy.


I’m really enjoying my classes so far.  The professors are kicking my ass with all the reading they’re assigning, but I like to read, so I can deal.  We’re having really good discussions in my Critical Approaches to Literature class.  I just really hope I can keep up. 

Not much else is going on.  I’m trying to go to the gym more, which is difficult because of how much time I’ve spent studying lately, but hopefully I’ll figure out a schedule.  Now I gotta get to work and catch up on all the crap I couldn’t do the past few days (fun, fun).

Thoughts September 13, 2007

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I was in a full-fledged panic at work this morning.  I arrived at 8, and up until about 10 minutes ago both the internet and network were completely down.  Now the network is still MIA, despite numerous attempts to fix/reboot/uninstall/reinstall, but somehow I got the internet to work, so I’m happy.  They should make me employee of the month 😀

M is sick.  He has a worse sore throat than I did, and just wants to sleep all day.  He’s still going to work, and even wants to go to a football game tonight (I can’t tell you how excited I am).  I feel bad for getting him sick, but thankfully he doesn’t blame me (too much). 

School is already kind of kicking my ass.  I have so much to read and I need to post on random annoucements and message boards and I just don’t feel like doing any of it.  I’m chalking it up to still not feeling 100%, because I frankly don’t feel like doing much of anything other than lie around and watch tv.  I haven’t been to the gym since last week, so I’m going to drag my ass out of bed early tomorrow morning and go for an hour before I drop M off at the metro.  I want to go Saturday too, after sleeping in because I took off work.  I love having weekends.  I don’t have nearly enough. 

My manager just asked me to call the guy who helps us with our computer issues (me: “you mean I’m not allowed to browse on the internet and write blogs all day??” *tear*) so I must get back to doing what I actually get paid for.