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Blah December 6, 2007

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Work and school have been sucking the life out of me lately.  We’re having a holiday party at work, and I’ve spent the past week getting organized for it.  I even had to take some things home to work on, which is good cause I racked up some much needed hours.  But work has unfortunately left less time for studying and papers, which is MUCH needed.  I have a paper that’s already two days late and I’m still not finished, another story to write for journalism, finals next week, and literally hundreds of pages to read.  The fact that I just glanced at the clock at thought “ooh, good- its still early” when it’s 12:44 am and I need to wake up at 6 shows that I just may be losing it.

I really just want to be done with school already.  I try not to think about how if I would have just started when I was supposed to and not taken those three semesters off I would have graduated last semester.  *sigh*  Hindsight is 20/20.  Even now I think about taking another semester off just to give my mind a break.  But I know I would regret it, and it would only be putting off the inevitable.  I would love to fast-forward to five years from now just to see all this effort is even worth it.  M and I talked about school and money and what its worth this morning, and he pointed out that if you put so much effort and time and money into school, you better make sure that you get a job that makes it worthwhile.  He chose wisely, and I have no doubt whatsoever that it will pay off for him.  I, on the other hand, am full of doubts about my future career and salary.  I need to get serious about it.  And that means focusing on school right now, no matter how many late nights are needed.  But I tell ya…the number of hours I’m racking up in sleep debt is a hell of a lot higher than the amount I’ll make my first year out of college.  Le sigh…

Off to study…


Random (12?) September 18, 2007

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Not having the internet at work sucks.  I do try to be productive, and actually work on what I’m paid to work on, but I will admit that it’s nice to take the occassional break and surf.  Right now I’m miraculously connected to someone’s wireless connection through my laptop, and when I figure out who he is, I will give him a big smooch. 

Unless it’s this completely creepy guy who works for the bank upstairs and is apparently somewhat stalking me.  One day, back when M worked here full time, creepy guy was in the elevator when we got in to leave for the day.  Whenever I see him he blatantly stares (which is one of my biggest pet peeves), and I try to ignore it and be polite and basically just avoid him at all costs.  Anyway…M and I walk into the elevator, and he proceeds to STARE at me.  M notices, clears his throat, and steps in front of me.  Creepy guy then actually moves over to the corner of the elevator, completely ignoring M, and keeps staring.  It was the creepiest thing.  When the elevator stopped, M took my hand and nudged me so I would walk out before him, and then glared at the creepy guy, who smiled and told me to have a nice afternoon. 

I usually leave at three, and Anna leaves at four, so she comes to sit at my desk because it’s the reception desk, and my boss likes to have someone there at all times.  We keep the door to the office closed, but there is a long window so you can see who’s walking by or waiting for the elevator (which is right next to our office).  She called me on Friday to say that she noticed that someone was looking in through the window, and looked up to see creepy guy staring at her.  She said that he looked “hopeful”, saw that it was her, looked “disappointed” and then moved closer to the elevator so that she couldn’t see him.  She noted that this is super creepy because he works on the third floor, (we’re on the second), so he would have no reason whatsoever to be on our floor. 

He seems relatively harmless.  I’m just frankly disgusted with him because he’s older (in his 50’s) and married (his wife, who looks really sweet, brings him lunch) (Anna and I spend a lot of time staring out the window, I’m not stalking him as well).  We were appalled to see that he’s actually married and acts the way he does.

Really random story, but I saw him this morning, and he smiled his creepy smile and yea… he’s creepy.


I’m really enjoying my classes so far.  The professors are kicking my ass with all the reading they’re assigning, but I like to read, so I can deal.  We’re having really good discussions in my Critical Approaches to Literature class.  I just really hope I can keep up. 

Not much else is going on.  I’m trying to go to the gym more, which is difficult because of how much time I’ve spent studying lately, but hopefully I’ll figure out a schedule.  Now I gotta get to work and catch up on all the crap I couldn’t do the past few days (fun, fun).

Home Improvements and Harry Potter August 21, 2007

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This past weekend was very uneventful.  Friday M and I saw Superbad, which was so. freaking. funny.  Seriously, go see it now!  I worked on Saturday, then M and I snuggled up on the couch and watched Vacancy.  Sunday we slept in, then went to Target and Ikea to get some things for the house.  We (well, mostly M) are doing more and more things to improve the house, and it’s coming along slowly but surely.  We watch shows like Flip That House or My First House all the time to get ideas.  Right now M is sanding down all the cabinets in the bathrooms so we can stain them.  We decided that there are three big projects we are going to save up for so we can do them next summer; fix up the patio (lifting the ugly bricks that aren’t at all level so everyone trips everywhere and the tables and chairs rock, pulling up a really ugly tree, and put new dirt down to level things out, then put stones in; redo the entire kitchen (new stone floor, rip off the wallpaper and paint, redo the cabinets and countertops and buy a new fridge and stove); and redo the floors in all of the bathrooms with either stone or marble.  We’re really into stone (as you can probably tell.)  We actually have the same taste and the same ideas for what needs to get done, so the planning of it all is going pretty smoothly.  We found a kitchen we both LOVE at Ikea, so we’re going to go back and talk to someone and see if we can do a layaway or something like it.  We’re also going to buy two stones for the patio and kitchen every week for the next 9 months so the cost of it all doesn’t hit all at once.  I’m getting really excited.  Whether we decide to keep the house for longer than we thought, or sell it in a few years, all of the work and improvements we’re making should get us a decent amount back.  We saw three other houses in the same complex when we were looking, and they were pretty crappy.  The house we bought is the best out of the four, and we needed to re-carpet and paint the entire house, and the previous owners gave us an additional $7000 for repairs, so…that tells you it wasn’t in the best shape.  But it’s becoming something to be proud of, so…we’re happy. 

I also finished Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince last night.  I cried and cannot wait for book 7.  I planned to wait until it came out in paperback because I don’t like paying $20 for a book, but yea…I got it this morning at Target.  Damn you Harry Potter, and the insatiable need to finish all of you that has taken over my brain and life (and wallet)!  I think that when I’m finished I may re-read all of them, but I may just wait for winter break.  Gawd…where did summer go?  I can’t believe school is starting again.  Well, my school is very different than other schools with its schedule, so only one of my classes begins in September.  The rest start at the end of October.  Which is actually a pretty sweet deal, so…I won’t complain. 

Gotta get to work. 

Operation: Less Talk, More Action August 16, 2007

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I am getting things done!  I ordered my books for school this morning, registered for another class, set up a payment plan for the next three months, and went to the gym last night.  I’m so sore today.  But it’s the good kind of sore, where you know you kicked ass the previous day, so every aching muscle just gives you the mental image of yourself looking gorgeous and fit.  I was planning to go this morning too but A) I’m waaaay too sore and B) I overslept.  I stayed up until almost 2 reading Harry Potter and I only put it down then because sleeping M rolled over and gave me a really dirty look because the bright lamp I was reading next to kept waking him up.  All I can think about is sitting at home, curled up on the couch with a blanket and the book.  Plus it’s really gloomy and rainy outside, which is perfect reading weather.  Only four more hours…

I’m getting excited for school to start.  I know I’ll probably regret feeling that way when I’m up to my elbows in readings and papers, but…for now I’m enjoying new notebooks and pens and getting the office ready for those late nights. 

Gotta get back to work…

(Another) Fresh Start June 28, 2007

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I’m at home waiting for Mr. Handyman to finish his stuff.  The house is turning out to be such a pain in the butt.  I’ve missed three days of work (though only technically, because my boss is an angel who allows me to fill spreadsheets from home…bless him and the internet.)  So, thus far today I have dropped off M, grabbed some Starbucks, picked up my dad, let Mr. Handyman in, made a seemingly endless trip to Home Depot, finally got to the aforementioned spreadsheets, gotten bored, pulled out my Season 2 Gilmore Girls DVD’s, and created this new blog. 

I feel accomplished.

The other day I picked out my schedule for school, and now I need to set up the payment plan, come up with the first payment, buy books, and then I’m set.  Three of my four classes are online, which I’m excited/nervous about.  They’re ALL english classes though, which I am nothing but siked about.  Journalism 201, Critical Writing and Research, Advanced Grammar and Style, and some bullshit library class that only lasts three weeks.  I’ve never been so excited about school.

I pretty much got the job at Borders.  I start training next week, and then I’m a bookseller.  There’s no dress code, health and dental, a 33% discount, and they let you “check out” two books a week.  I’m working Tuesday/Thursday from 5-12, and Sunday.  The pay is not wonderful, but it will provide the much anticipated extra $400 a month, which is all I really care about.

Money…wasn’t an issue for a while, but now it’s becoming one.  Mostly because of La Familia del Infierno.  They keep going back and forth about who is moving in, what everyone is paying, and now I’m pretty such that we’ve settled on me paying $700 a month (much to my dismay and annoyance.)  I can’t understand how my darling boy thought this would save anyone money (except for his mom, which I don’t really want to get into), but what’s done is done and I have no choice but to begrudginly accept things.  Which I hate.  Bleh…c’est la vie.

Off to work and ponder when Mr. Handyman is coming back from lunch.